His Hon. Michael Carrington



His Hon. Michael Carrington is a grateful beneficiary of universal free public education, one of the most enlightened policies of the Democratic Labour Party. Born and bred in urban Barbados, he took advantage of the many opportunities available to realize his potential through education. He is a proud product of The Lodge School, the Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies. He became an Attorney-at-Law specializing in land, family and business law, before pursuing a career in elective politics. He brought to the table not only ability but also a commitment to justice and fair play.

Michael is honoured to have represented St. Michael West over the last five years; and has clearly demonstrated competence, commitment and a caring attitude towards his constituents and the people of Barbados. He blames the out-dated philosophy, policies and programmes of the Barbados Labour Party for creating a polarized society – the privileged and underprivileged – with minimum upward social mobility. During their 14 years in office:

  • Two distinct housing classes have emerged, with several residents in St. Michael West losing the struggle for affordable land and housing.
  • The standard of living and quality of life in urban Barbados have deteriorated.
  • The culture of mendicancy and dependency was nurtured.
  • The youth of the island resorted to crime, drugs and violence while the Government procrastinated on formulating a National Youth Policy.

On becoming the Parliamentary Representative for St. Michael West he was struck by how much neglect there was. Approximately 90% of the housing stock was chattel and much of it in dire need of repair. Families were forced to live in single rooms, sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities with virtual strangers; drugs and HIV/AIDS continued to take a toll on the young people of the constituency, like it did on the rest of the country.

Hence, Michael Carrington has placed special emphasis on housing and has begun to improve the living conditions of lower income Barbadians in the constituency. For example:

  • He gave his support to Government as it forged ahead with plans to access funds through the Inter-American Development Bank’s Neighbourhood Improvement Project for better housing in the Garden Land, Country Road and elsewhere. As part of this initiative

A mini-sewerage system with a lift station has been installed.

Several houses have been provided with bathroom facilities and connected to the sewerage system free of charge.

Many houses have been supplied with natural gas.

  • Country Park Towers has been completed.
  • With the support of the Urban Development Commission, housing improvements have taken place throughout the constituency.
  • The search for vacant lots scattered across the constituency has been intensified with the intention of securing them for more decent affordable housing.

Proper drainage was also an issue for several homes. For example, before 2008 heavy rainfall led to flooding in numerous areas throughout the constituency, thereby placing the health and property of residents at risk. Not enough was done by the BLP Administration in this regard. Soon after victory at the polls in 2008, the DLP Government upgraded the existing canal systems to alleviate the problem: one along Bridge Gap, Goodland, on the boundary of the constituency with St. Michael North West; the other a drainage system which starts at Progressive Road, Bank Hall and flows through parts of Downey Avenue, and the Garden Land, emerging by the Globe Cinema on its way to join the Constitution River. Remedial work was effected, major work was completed between Downey Gap and Brathwaite’s Gap Bank hall, and a proper regime put in place for the cleaning and upkeep of these two systems.

Throughout the period roads have been repaired and or resurfaced at 3rd & 4th Ave Richmonds Gap, Skeetes Road, Peterkins, including Peterkin Gardens, Mannings Land, Bosvigo, Jubilee and Fields Gap.

Michael has also targeted the youth of the area through projects like:

  • Sponsoring the Passage United Tape-ball Competition at Passage Road.
  • Providing free lessons for school children in his constituency office.
  • Helping young entrepreneurs to establish small businesses.

As Speaker of the House of Assembly he has drawn on his training and experience as an Attorney-at-Law, presiding with equity, fairness and without fear or favour. Though challenged in recent times by members of Her Majesty’s Opposition who have not come to terms with the wishes of the electorate, he has been able to maintain the dignity and decorum of the House of Assembly.

He is also pleased with the sensible and revolutionary legislation the DLP has been able to bring before the House including the Protocol for the assistance of single mothers who are unable to collect maintenance from the Magistrates’ Courts, the National Youth Policy, the Employment Rights Act, the Minimum Wages Protocol, the new Holidays With Pay Act, and the Safety in the Workplace Act.

Michael Carrington is not dismayed by the uphill challenges that confront him. He remains steadfast in his efforts to improve the quality of life in his constituency and the rest of Barbados. With the support of his family and community, and with your vote he is poised to make an even greater contribution to the creation of a more just and prosperous Barbados.

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