His Hon. Kenneth Best



His Honour Kenneth Best has served his country and his constituency well during the past five years. This successful politician is highly connected with his constituents and acts as an effective channel of communication between the grassroots and the highest decision-making forum in the land.

Kenneth Best is a graduate of the Barbados Community College and the London Guildhall University. He worked as an Agricultural Assistant and a Policeman before studying and practising Law. He is also a successful businessman, who imbibed the entrepreneurial culture long before the current recession made it imperative for Barbadians to become more innovative in order to succeed in the highly competitive modern world.

As Deputy Speaker of the House, His Honour is pre-occupied with Parliamentary procedures and the business of the House. In those hallowed chambers, Mr. Best performs his duties firmly and fairly, accepting only the highest standard of debate and even “asides” from members. Yet, he has found time to serve his constituency.

One of his major achievements is his engagement with young people whom he considers the most important change agents in his constituency. He has therefore visited every school in his constituency, talking to students of all ages, sharing his life experiences and encouraging them to take advantage of the educational and training opportunities available to them. He never tires of telling them about what can be achieved when hard work meets opportunities. He has consistently helped children in his constituency with uniforms, books, and educational supplies. He has also provided teaching aids for several schools. He has donated prizes for school graduations, sourced scholarships for constituents to further their studies at the “O” Level Institute, and invariably presented them himself.

Kenneth Best is fully aware of the recreational, health, social, and economic benefits of sports to all people. He has therefore been an advocate for organized sports in the constituency and has been instrumental in securing facilities for cricket, football and road tennis. With his support, the Ivy Community Centre has become the nerve centre for organizing sports competitions. Also two parks were opened in Hothersal Crescent and Hothersal Turning, one exclusively for children.

In response to the growing demand for decent housing in his constituency, he has facilitated several different kinds of solutions. For example, he has worked tirelessly to persuade tenants who were paying rent to the Government to purchase their homes once they satisfied the criteria. He has also been striving to provide new housing units for his constituents. Several new houses were constructed by the Urban Development Commission in Mayers Ave, Blackman’s Road, Licorish Village, Seale’s Land, Two Mile Hill and Ivy Main Road; while 2 new houses were built and several damaged houses repaired after the passing of Tropical Storm Tomas. By 2013 new housing units will be available at 2nd Avenue, Haggatt Hall, where infrastructural work has already started. In addition to this, several wells and septic tanks were either dug or cleaned in 6th & 7th Ave in the Ivy Housing Area, Cutting Road, Haggatt Hall, Mayers Ave, My Lord’s Hill and Back Ivy.

After waiting for 31 years, major works have been carried out on the Ivy Road, Sinckler Road, 2nd Ave Rouen and Kings Gap. Several other minor road-works are either in progress or in the pipeline throughout the constituency. Added to this he has helped with the debushing of overgrown lots in Barkers Road, Back Ivy, Haggatt Hall, Hothersal Crescent, Deane’s Land and My Lord’s Hill.

Above all, Kenny Best has inspired and empowered the people of his constituency. He has made every effort to establish community organizations in several places such as Coral Land, the Ivy Housing Area and Hothersal Crescent. He has also made donations to various organizations in the constituency including churches, sporting and community groups. Several of them have been helped to set up small businesses such as the St. Barnabas 4H Club which received weed whackers and a lawn mower.

Kenny Best stands ready to serve his people again.

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