Working Together in Hope

Working togetherWorking Together in Hope
We are at the end of our first full business week for 2015. By now we should have clearly identified our goals for the year and have started the process of working assiduously to accomplish them. 2015 can be a game changer for Barbados, but we must all work together as a country to see it happen. The adjustments which were introduced in 2014 to return the country to a growth path are working. If we work together as a country to be more productive, entrepreneurial, competitive and innovative we can attain sustainable growth, social and economic development.
All Barbadians must work together if the country is to achieve its goal of sustainable economic growth. It is not just the responsibility of the government. Every Barbadian even the children have a role to play.
In every sector of the Barbadian society we must endeavour to be the best we can be. In hospitality, we must deliver superior service. In the retail sector, we must make our customers want to return and do business with us. In the healthcare sector, our ability to provide world renowned convalescent care should be a talking point. Our thorough and efficient financial services should be sought by persons from all areas of the world. In agriculture our limited land space should be craftily cultivated so that we can contribute more to our nutritional needs. Our manufacturing industry should be regarded for its creativity, ingenuity and quality which we consistently deliver at high standards. Even within our schools our children should be so keen to excel and develop their varying talents so that they too can contribute to growth and development of their country Barbados and beyond.
A holistic and team approach is what is needed to move this country forward. It should not be, what the government is doing or what is the opposition doing but what are we doing. All Barbadians and those who love this country need to work together.
We must be aware of the potential damage which we can inflict to our efforts to move this country forward when by our words and action we try to pull it down. In 2015 let us try to change our outlook on life by spending time highlighting those things which are positive. Instead of predicting and spreading prophesies of doom and gloom restock your vocabulary with words of hope and encouragement. This positive mind set and outlook will help us to seize the opportunities which are within our grasp for the taking. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
As we look around the country we can see many bright spots and rays of hope. This winter tourist’s season is out performing the previous years. At the end of November 2014, arrivals from the UK had increased by 9.1% over the same period in the previous year. We have secured increased airlift from the USA and Canada with the introduction of the Delta flights and Air Canada utilizing larger air crafts for this route. A trip to the Carlisle Bay area or Oistins over the weekend and one can see first-hand that Barbados is having a bumper winter tourist season. The opportunities for growth and development are there at our fingertips. We have to be confident and bold enough to make use of it.
The resilience of Barbadians can be seen in the villages and in the market place. Persons are utilizing their talent and skills to create employment opportunities through cottage industries. This determination will help us to achieve our goals.
As the year 2015 continues to unfold a number of major investment projects are poised to get started. These projects, such as the re-opening of the brand new Sandals Casuarina and the start of major hotel development projects will bring about employment opportunities and much needed foreign exchange to the country.
If we focus on the positives which are happening around us we would acknowledge that Barbados has survived the economic storm. By embracing the opportunities and working together to enhance our competitive edge this country is poised to reap sustainable economic growth and development.
In this year, let us put away the negativity and focus on the positives. Be optimistic and use our creativity and ability to move us forward. Let us continue to work together as a nation to build a stronger country. For 2015 do not talk defeat. Use words like hope, belief, faith, victory.