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    Christ Church West


    Verla De Peiza

    Attorney-at-Law VERLA DE PEIZA has dedicated her life to service. Her voice can be heard on national programmes such as “CBC Presents” and “Mornin Barbados” providing sound legal advice to those of us in need of guidance in the area of law. She champions the cause of the common man through these avenues by imparting knowledge and engaging persons on issues of national importance.

    Although she hails from the north of the island, Verla resided in Clapham for a significant period of her adult life. Through this experience, she has become very familiar with the concerns of this constituency. She has retained strong ties to that community which have enabled her to be in touch with the needs of the residents of Christ Church West.

    As the Democratic Labour Party’s candidate since in the 2013 election, she has never faltered in her commitment to this constituency. She has become even more determined to be the voice of the people of this constituency to bring national attention their issues and to have them resolved.

    Throughout her association with this constituency, Verla has been a pillar for its people. She has assisted persons with securing employment, hosted community events and fostered relationships with two nurseries in the communities and provided educational and other support to the constituents.

    Verla stands ready to serve the people of Christ Church West in a meaningful way, endeavouring to strengthen community links and to improve social networks for the benefit of all.

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    Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, the Honourable Steven DeCourcey Blackett J.P., M.P., was born in St. Peter and grew up in the community of Hill Road, Bank Hall, St. Michael.  He attended Wesley Hall Primary before moving on to St. Leonard’s Boys Secondary School.  On leaving secondary school he furthered his education at the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP).

    He worked at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation as a news anchor and at Starcom Network as a Broadcaster.  Before entering the political arena he worked at Moore Paragon Limited as a Senior Account Executive.

    He unsuccessfully contested the St. Michael Central seat in 2003 before re-entering the fray and successfully won the riding in the January 15th 2008 elections.

    After that General Election he was appointed to the post of Minister of Community Development and Culture which he held for two (2) years.  He then assumed responsibility as Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development on October 4, 2010.

    He again contested the 2013 General Elections and was again successful and subsequently reappointed to his previous portfolio.

    The Minister is also Chairman of the Immigration Review Committee.

    He is a Past President of the Kiwanis Club of Bridgetown and lists among his hobbies reading and listening to music.

    Mr. Blackett is married and is the father of three sons ages 30, 28 and 19 years.

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    Christ Church West Central


    Stephen Lashley

    Stephen Lashley GCM M.P. is a youthful and energetic minister who has transformed the social landscape of this island through his positive attitude, hard work and zealous nature. His determination to create synergy between each component of his ministry – Sports, Youth and Culture – has led to great development and success in this sphere.


    He has established a reputation as a leader who gets things done and he has enjoyed phenomenal success in all divisions of his ministry. For his outstanding contribution to Culture, Sports and Youth and in particular leading the successful hosting of CARIFESTA XIII, he received Barbados’ third highest National honour of Gold Crown of Merit.


    He has transformed the cultural landscape of Barbados by establishing legislation to secure the growth of the cultural industries and, apart from this, his ministry has been instrumental in realising many achievements which include:


    • UNESCO inscription of Barbados’ first and only World Heritage site – Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison
    • Implementation of the first written National Youth Policy for Barbados
    • The expansion of Crop Over and the execution of the festival in a controversy free environment
    • The BDS 19 million refurbishment of the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium
    • The expansion of Road Tennis Barbados locally, regionally and internationally
    • The hosting in Barbados of the first World Road Tennis Championship


    Stephen has used sports as one of his tools to develop his constituency. He has launched various projects during his tenure which have served as a means of empowering his constituents including a Youth Empowerment Centre, a homework assistance programme for primary school aged children, a sign language programme and many other improvements to the infrastructure of Christ Church West Central.


    It is beyond doubt that these achievements, driven by patriotic zeal, are part of a mission to create a vibrant constituency and indeed a better Barbados. This outstanding work by an exceptional leader is central to his vision for the continued development of Christ Church West Central which needs your on-going support.

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    Christ Church East Central


    Ronald Jones


    Ronald Jones, a Barbadian of humble birth, has risen to become the longest serving Minister of Education in the history of Barbados.  Ronald has remained true to his roots.  He has put Barbados First and is a bold, articulate and outspoken champion of the rights of citizens. Ronald Jones has never swayed from his conviction that education is the greatest liberating force in human life. For him, education is also a lifelong process, and should be used by all Barbadians in pursuit of the vision of Barbados as an independent, just and prosperous society.

    He has demonstrated this conviction by achieving an Honours Degree in History and Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and Administration. He also possesses certificates in Teacher Education, Trade Unionism and Youth Work. He has received other awards, including an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Cambridge College in the United States, for his devotion and contribution to education.

    One of Ronald’s major achievements as Minister of Education has been the formulation of the Barbados Human Resource Development Strategy, 2011-2016.This strategy forms the basis of a comprehensive, coordinated, and multi-sectoral effort to fully develop the highly valued human capital of Barbados. Ronald has led a revolution in providing nursery school education for ordinary Barbadians and establishing new Sixth Form Schools across Barbados.  He has also introduced Medical Schools in Barbados as a precursor to making Barbados a hub for educational excellence.

    Ronald has been the leader in several organizations in Barbados. He has led the Barbados Union of Teachers, the Barbados Football Association, the Barbados Youth Council, The Barbados Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union and many other sporting and cultural organizations. Even with his very busy schedule he continues to work with several non-governmental organisations.

    Ronald has remained committed to his constituents of Christ Church East Central. He has responded to their needs by:

    • Improving housing conditions
    • Maintaining the road infrastructure
    • Redoing the children’s play park at Wotton
    • Working on the construction of the Pavilion and Community Empowerment Centre at Kingsland
    • Assisting the unemployed in preparing for job placement, finding employment or creating their own small businesses
    • Sponsoring sports teams throughout the constituency

    Ronald has put Barbados and the people of Christ Church First.  Ronald has been an outstanding Minister of Education and needs your continued support.

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    Constituency Office (246) 428-9626

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    St. Michael South East


    Rodney Grant

    Rodney Grant is the consummate cultural and community practitioner. It is through this medium that he has reached young people and developed programmes to assist with their development.  He is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW) and he has worked in conjunction with several regional and international organisations to create programmes which would assist with outreach to the vulnerable within our society.

    Rodney can also be considered a Development Specialist. Over the past thirty years, he has conceptualised various gateway development activities involving sports and culture and a wide range of educational and social development activities. He has networked very closely with various international organizations, such as, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNESCO, UNDP, OAS, Commonwealth Foundation, Oxfam GB, IAF, to implement various projects that focus on social, cultural and economic development for low-income communities in Barbados and the region.

    He has worked locally as a special advisor to the former Minister of Social Transformation, Hamilton Lashley, to assist with our national development and the eradication of poverty within this nation.  Added to this, he has coordinated and implemented community development projects under the auspices of several of the organisations which he has liaised with over the years in countries such as Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada.

    Rodney is committed to the task of ensuring that no one is left behind. He has worked unremittingly for over 40 years to ensure that the vulnerable within our country are not disadvantaged. So, it is under this continued focus that he offers himself as the Democratic Labour Party’s candidate for the constituency of St. Michael South East.

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    St. Michael South Central


    Richard Sealy

    Richard L. Sealy is a Civil Engineer. He is currently the First Vice President of the Democratic Labour Party, having served the Party in several capacities prior to that. Since 2003, he has been the Parliamentary Representative for the St. Michael South Central constituency.

    He attended Harrison College, the University of Florida, and the University of the West Indies.

    Mr. Sealy is a member of the St. Cyprian’s Church, located in the heart of the constituency, but he always finds time to fellowship with other believers.

    He has been at the forefront of major strategic development to improve the lives of his constituents. As a result of this work, he has brought a greater level of educational and employment opportunities to diverse members of the community.

    His stewardship has witnessed significant improvements to the general infrastructure of St. Michael South Central.

    Mr. Sealy has served as Minister of Tourism for the past ten years. In the last five years he also held the portfolio of International Transport. During this period, knowledgeable observers have recognized substantial progress in the Tourism and International Transport sectors.

    Mr. Sealy at the behest of Hon Freundel J. Stuart, Prime Minister has on occasion served as Prime Minister (Acting).

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    Patrick Todd is known as an astute minister and parliamentary representative who seeks the best for his constituents and the people of Barbados. Patrick has held many roles during the Democratic Labour Party’s term in office, with his most recent role being Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Driven by his commitment to the philosophy, policies and programmes of the Democratic Labour Party, he has worked tirelessly lobbying for improvements in the living and working conditions of the people of Barbados.

    He is the product of many revered institutions which include the Lodge School and Harrison College. He studied Mathematics at the University of the West Indies and Classroom Management at Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. He worked as a teacher and Assistant Examiner with the Caribbean Examination Council until 2007.

    Patrick is a devout Christian with a unique leadership style. He served with distinction as President of the University of the West Indies Guild of Undergraduates at the Cave Hill Campus and Chairperson of several community and sports organizations.

    In his experience as a parliamentary representative, he regularly organised sporting events and donated prizes and sports gear to participants of soccer, cricket, netball, road tennis and basketball tournaments throughout the constituency of the City of Bridgetown.

    Patrick now bring his willingness and ability to serve, along with his vibrancy to the constituency of St. Michael North East. He has traversed this community and has made himself acutely aware of the wants and needs of the people of this constituency. He seeks the betterment of everyone there and he plans to work with the constituents to see the advancement of this constituency.

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    St. Michael East


    Nicholas Alleyne

    The old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and the residents of the close-knit district of Licorish Village are the potters that moulded Nicholas Alleyne into the man he is today. St. Michael East has been the cornerstone of his life and it is of little surprise that Nicholas readily answered the call to represent the interests of the people who had a hand in raising him.

    Nicholas is a family man who strongly believes that to strengthen the society, the family must first be strengthened. As the doting father of two young children, the social and educational development of young people is a cause near and dear to his heart. His dream for Barbados is a society where children are given every opportunity to be themselves and are able to grow to reach their fullest potential.

    Nicholas has been thrust into leadership from an early age. He was the Deputy Head Boy at both the Belmont Primary School and The Alleyne School. He then moved onto The Lodge School to pursue CAPE studies. He was also President of the Students Council and the Boys’ Motivational Committee. He was an avid sportsman and he represented the schools he attended in cricket, athletics, football and volleyball.

    Nicholas credits his years at the Alleyne School with solidifying his interest in becoming a voice for those who were marginalised. The school’s motto, “For others and not self”, continues to be his philosophy and the moral compass guiding his journey.

    This 33-year-old credit unionist is one of the widely-recognised names in local football having served his country from the Under-15 to Under-23 Levels where he captained the national under-20 team during his tenure. Integrity and reliability have long been the thread of his social fabric, and this was exemplified when he stepped up to manage the Benfica Football Club, of which he is a former Captain.

    His vision is to inspire persons, young and old, to work with him in his efforts to transform our community.

    A vote for Nicholas, is an investment in the future.

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    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Philip North


    Michael Lashley

    Michael Lashley is a proud product of the St. Mark’s Primary School and the Garrison Secondary School. He brings to politics the knowledge, expertise and experience of a well-trained lawyer. Prior to his ministerial role, he was one of the country’s leading defence attorneys, defending his clients with a passion that revealed a great respect for people and for the law. This passion, which he portrayed, led to him being elevated to a Queen’s Counsel in April 2018.

    Like most grateful Barbadians, Michael has never forgotten his humble origins and the term down-to-earth is apt in describing him. He is fully involved in the life of his community and has founded the Love Thy Neighbour Group. Through this group, he has sponsored many sporting groups and a back to school programme which lends assistance to the needy children in his constituency.

    Michael continues to be heavily involved in the educational development of his younger constituents. He provides free lessons for primary school aged children with a special emphasis on those taking the Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination. This programme also prepares them for secondary school life through educational tours, special lectures and other programmes.

    He hosts a highly anticipated annual Christmas lighting ceremony at the King George V Memorial Park. The lighting ceremony and its accompanying activities draw crowds from across St. Philip and even Barbados.

    As Minister of Transport and Works, he has pioneered several initiatives aimed at making the lives of Barbadians safer. These include the Transport Authority which has established order in the public transport system, amendments to the Road Traffic Act and the laying the Building Standards Authority Bill in parliament along with a Building Code. Other initiatives undertaken under his leadership include the integration of public service vehicles onto routes previously serviced solely by the Transport Board fleet and the building of the new River Terminal.

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    St. Michael West


    Michael Carrington



    Michael Carrington is the sitting member of Parliament for the constituency of St. Michael West. Being himself a product of St. Michael, Carrington feels truly honoured and privileged to have been given the opportunity to represent this constituency.

    This MP has been instrumental in overseeing the development of St. Michael West. The many projects completed here include the IADB funded Neighbourhood Improvement project in the Garden Land, Country Road. There has also been a special emphasis placed on housing solutions, achieving some success through the National Housing Corporation. This saw residents of St. Michael West securing housing at Valerie and the Grotto, as well as Parish Land and Constant.

    With the sterling support of the Urban Development Commission (UDC), housing improvements have taken place, water-borne toilet facilities have been provided, and access to a number of homes made easier and obstacle free.  Road repairs have been effected at Taylors Land, Parris Gap and its avenues, Morris Gap, Knights Land and others.

    Under his tenure, Westbury New Road was renamed “Rihanna Drive”. This name change recognized the contribution of former resident Robin “Rihanna” Fenty and laid a platform for the basis of community tourism on a sustainable level in that area of St. Michael West.

    Michael is not satisfied though, as there remains much more to be done. Despite his efforts many residents are still in dire need of housing solutions. He therefore looks forward to working with government in its plans to provide further housing for his constituents at Exmouth and the Garden Land, Country Road.

    As to the task of presiding in the Lower House, Carrington believes that his work there speaks for itself, and he continues to appreciate the confidence demonstrated by his colleagues in entrusting this pivotal role in him for a second consecutive term.

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    St. Michael North


    Kim Tudor


    Kim Tudor has spent the last three decades enriching the lives of Barbadians through her professional career and tireless church and voluntary work in the community.  It is evident that the common thread that runs through the fabric of this talented and committed woman’s varied activities and contributions is a passion for service.

    As the first and only CEO to date of the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE), Kim has pioneered the pursuit of a national culture of service excellence. NISE is now recognised as the lead organisation for service excellence in Barbados and throughout the region.

    This energetic professional has also contributed to the development of countless Barbadian and Caribbean business people through her career in academia.  She was Corporate Services Director at the Centre for Management Development, UWI Cave Hill and is currently a part-time lecturer with the Cave Hill School of Business and the Masters Programmes of the Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity (BIMAP).

    A Certified Management Accountant, who holds an MBA from Syracuse University and a B.Sc. from the University of the West Indies, Kim is also a Certified Manager of Quality/Organisational Excellence and has completed leadership programmes at the Harvard Business School.

    A member of a loving family from Brereton, St Philip, led by a devoted father, Martin Tudor a now retired postman of 35 years and the late Ellena Tudor, both stalwarts of the Democratic Labour Party, Kim has sought to assist other Barbadian young people with potential from similar humble beginnings as a mentor, particularly in the accounting profession and entrepreneurship.

    This visionary daughter of the soil and woman of action now seeks the opportunity to bring her passion for service, her outstanding training and experience to help meet the needs and aspirations of the people of St Michael North.

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    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    Christ Church South


    John Boyce

    John Boyce is the current Member of Parliament for the constituency of Christ Church South. He continues to be a hardworking representative whose constituents, regardless of class, colour or creed, come first.

    He has been able to achieve significant infrastructural improvement in this constituency; the road network is sound and it features essential pedestrian sidewalks and wheelchair access, which make travel within this constituency safe.

    He has maintained a respectful and confidential relationship with all of his constituents; weekly clinics at the Branch Office have been maintained. He has consistently sponsored activities that are designed to build the community; football and cricket tournaments for seniors and juniors are annual features of the constituency’s calendar of events, along with the annual Children’s Christmas Party.

    After the General Election in 2013, John was assigned to the portfolio of Health. Under his tenure, Barbados has continued to enjoy a tremendously high reputation regionally and internationally in healthcare, despite grappling with harsh economic conditions. As recently as April, 21st, 2018, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was awarded Gold Level accreditation by Accreditation Canada.

    He has been privileged to preside over the opening of the David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex at The Glebe in St. John.  Some 30,000 healthcare visits have been recorded at the facility since its opening. In a significant Private Sector cooperation effort, four units are now delivering haemodialysis treatment to patients in need of this specialised area care.

    The Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory was officially opened in January 2018. The $18M facility has been designed and built to international standards and will provide cutting edge laboratory services to Barbados and our region.

    It is as a result of these successes that he seeks your continued support to carry on as the parliamentary representative for Christ Church South.

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    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. George North


    Jepter Ince

    Jepter Ince is a bold, competent and energizing personality who brings to the Democratic Labour Party Team considerable experience as a Project Coordinator, Investment Manager, Entrepreneur, Political Activist and Community Leader.

    He is currently Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and Chairman of the Barbados Medium Term Development Strategy.

    As the candidate for St. George North, he brings to the table enlightened professional leadership. His vision for the constituency is that of a safe, pleasant and prosperous community in which the skills of all residents are put to use in developing the social, economic, environmental and cultural resources through Education, Agriculture, Sports and the Arts.

    He has carried out a needs analysis and has identified the most pressing issues facing the constituency as unemployment, housing repairs, sporting activities and facilities, drainage and water supply.

    He has drawn up plans and has begun to engage residents notably through:

    • Creating a modern resource centre within the constituency office.
    • Working closely with the Constituency Councils to empower communities in St. George North.
    • Spreading the entrepreneurial culture to potential business persons throughout the constituency.
    • Assisting constituents through the Freehold Land and Tenantry Act.
    • Identifying non-agricultural land for Government housing solutions.
    • Home improvement programmes for the elderly and less privileged.
    • Assisting with mortgage planning.
    • Sponsorship of St. George Primary School Sports Day, the Cuthbert Moore Primary School Extravaganza and the St. George Parish Ambassadors.
    • Organizing family days and outings in various communities.
    • Sport activities such as kite-flying competitions, 20/20 cricket, football and netball tournaments.
    • Resurfacing of the Sweet Vale Playing Field.
    • Construction of a bridge to link Roach Village and Belair.


    Senator Jepter eagerly awaits the St. George North constituents’ call to duty.

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    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Michael West Central


    James Paul

    James Paul is a community man from the close-knit urban village of Goodland, Deacons Road.  James has remained true to his roots and believes in the power of community spirit and the strength of social organisations. James believes in putting people, community and country first.

    He brings to politics a passion centered on his commitment to the revitalization of communities, optimum use of the given resources and the fair distribution of the surplus value created by hard work.

    James stands out as a person who believes that the wealth of a nation lies in the land. He has devoted much of his life to looking after the interests of the farming community. As the Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society, he has constantly lobbied for a return to agriculture using modern technology.

    For him, another means of creating wealth and employment from limited resources is the cooperative movement. He has been one of the key players in this popular grassroots movement and has served as Director of the City of Bridgetown Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

    His stewardship as the Parliamentary Representative for St. Michael West Central has been outstanding. He has identified the areas of greatest need as:

    • Improving in the housing infrastructure
    • The upkeep of the road network within the constituency
    • Creating employment opportunities for school leavers
    • Increasing programmes geared towards strengthening communities
    • Improving access to welfare services to fully address the needs of the disadvantaged
    • Using sports as a tool for empowering young people.

    Since 2008 he has succeeded in channelling resources from Government and the private sector to address all these issues. He has worked closely with the Urban Development Commission to improve housing and with other Government agencies to improve roads and sports facilities in his constituency. However, his greatest achievement is the change in the mind-set of the man in the street away from increasing dependence on Government towards collective self-help.

    With his family and community behind him, James has always put Barbados First and is committed to the continued development of his people and country. James and his Party need your support in order to complete the job of creating a Better Barbados.

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    St. Andrew


    Irene Sandiford-Garner

    Irene Sandiford-Garner is a modern Bajan success story. Irene was born in the United Kingdom of Barbadian parents, but she was raised in and is deeply committed to the rural parish of St. Andrew and Barbados.  Despite her impressive list of achievements, Irene has always put Barbados and St. Andrew first.

    She spent the first period of her working life as a journalist, editor and columnist. She then worked for ten years at the country’s largest credit union where she was the organisation’s first and sole marketing officer. Her aggressive recruitment and marketing initiatives saw membership move from 15,000 to some 50,000 persons during the ten-year period.

    It was during her tenure at the “poor man’s bank”, as the Credit Union was familiarly known, that Senator Garner was afforded the opportunity to assist in enhancing the social and economic condition of hundreds of Barbadians, both at home and abroad.

    Irene has been a key player in leading Barbados’ world famous tourism industry to new heights.  She has been instrumental in orchestrating some of the major achievements of this sector.

    Within St. Andrew, she has been successful in facilitating the resettlement of persons from White Hill who were left behind during the previous Government’s initiative. She has championed and agitated for various projects and initiatives including the re-opening of the Belleplaine Out-Patient Clinic after its six-year closure, the building of a footpath from the primary school through to Rocklyn to ensure the safety of the schoolchildren in the area, the implementation of a roundabout at Orange Hill, road works in several districts of this constituency.

    For the past three years, Irene has utilised the talents of teachers within her branch by implementing a free Saturday morning lessons programme for children from schools throughout the constituency who require specialised coaching.

    As a wife, and mother of two boys aged 24 and 20, Senator Garner believes that giving back to your community in the service of others is one’s passport to a meaningful existence.

    Contact the Candidate
    Constituency Office (246) 422-9667

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    City of Bridgetown



    Mr. Henderson Williams is a man of the city having spent over 25 years of his early life as a resident of the area. Henderson is no foreigner to the challenges and needs of the city of Bridgetown and is passionate about contributing to its development. He is driven by the belief that nation building begins with each person but must be led by leaders with vision, optimism and experience.

    Henderson is the Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Secretary of Needhams Point Holdings and Needhams Point Development Incorporated. He previously served the City of Bridgetown Credit Union in the capacity of Manager for Administration and Human Resources. He is currently the President of the City of Bridgetown Credit Union.

    Henderson holds a BSc. in Social Sciences from the University of the West Indies which span the disciplines of Financial Accounting, Management and Psychology. He also holds a MSc. in Human Resources Management from the University of Surrey.

    He aims to develop and implement programs, projects and other collaborations that facilitate equal and equitable opportunities for economic growth and stability and social wellbeing of the constituents of the City of Bridgetown. He also aims to raise the standard of living in the “City” through social, technological, educational and vocational interventions.

    Through the City Development Foundation, Henderson has worked assiduously over the last few years to build the community. This foundation has worked with schools, youth programs and many individuals in the past. Currently, the City Development Foundation is organizing plans for a skills assessment programme using National Vocational Qualifications (NVQSs).

    Henderson’s ethos and desire for improvement has inspired him to seek to represent the City of Bridgetown in the upcoming general elections.

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    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. James North


    Harcourt “Harry” Husbands

    Harry Husbands is well known as one of the figures responsible for the educational revolution which is currently taking place in Barbados. Prior to this, however, Harry was responsible for shaping the lives of young persons through his role as a trained teacher who taught Social Studies for many years at the Wesley Hall Junior School.

    Harry’s studies in the area of in Public Administration and Labour and Industrial Relations, have served him well over the years as he has been a pioneer in Barbados and the region in the areas of workers’ rights and industrial relations. He held various roles in this area which include the presidency of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) and the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT).  He is also a founding member of the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB), which is the umbrella body for several unions in Barbados.

    His labour and industrial relations roles are not limited to Barbados and the region; he has used his expertise beyond these shores, having been employed by a workers’ union in Trenton New Jersey USA. His adeptness in this arena was also utilised in the position of Executive Director of the Barbados Employers Confederation(BEC) and he served as Vice President of the Caribbean Employers Confederation (CEC). His knowledge and vast experience were also put to use when he hosted the popular radio call-in programme “Down to Brass Tacks”.

    For the last eight years, Harry has been directly involved with shaping and improving our educational system through his role as Senator and Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. During his tenure, this ministry has been responsible for increases in the number of sixth form schools, an increased emphasis on quality early childhood education and the introduction of CVQs.

    In in his spare time Harry is an avid reader and sports enthusiast and he spends much of his time mentoring young people. He is married to Maxine who is a primary school principal.

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    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. JOHN



    George Pilgrim is a successful Barbadian entrepreneur and household name on topics of civil society and politics.

    Starting at Wesley Hall School and continuing through Queen’s College and the University of the West Indies (UWI), George developed a sense of selflessness and service, which has culminated in his candidacy in the constituency of St. John.

    George began his relationship with the people of St. John through his work with the “Families First” initiative which was a volunteer programmed conceptualised by the late Prime Minister, David Thompson, that engaged the constituents of St. John. He later served as the first Personal Assistant to David Thompson when he assumed the office of Prime Minister in 2008.

    He has held many leadership roles in both his student career and personal life, starting from a prefect at both primary and secondary school, to officer-in-charge of the No 10 Cadet Company (former Louis Lynch Secondary school ) to three-time General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party.

    He has served as group leader of the Duke of Edinburgh Award for Harrison College and Queen’s College. He went on to serve as President of the Queen’s College Old Scholars Association and also chairman of the Board of Management of that institution.

    His political candidacy is supported by a Master’s degree in Governance and Public Policy which he has used over the years to lecture at the Barbados Community College (BCC), UWI Open Campus and in the Faculty of Social Sciences at UWI Cave Hill.

    George is also entrepreneurial by nature. In the 1980s, George along with some of his school mates founded the company Mpact which specialises in screen printing. Thirty years later, through their expanded efforts, they currently employ approximately 25 staff members full time, many of whom are youth. This success is both testament to his business acumen and devotion to making a good idea work.

    George spends most of his downtime with his family where he shepherds his two boys to their various extracurricular activities. As an avid supporter of healthy lifestyles, George devotes time to his gym routine and touching up on his Shotokan Karate and cycling.

    George is a devoted Anglican and once served as a member of the St Thomas Parochial Parish Council, President of their youth group and a teacher of Sunday School. He is currently pursuing the Pastoral Assistant course hosted by the Anglican Church.

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    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. James Central


    George Connolly


    George Connolly is a successful private sector businessman who has been chosen to represent the Democratic Labour Party, in the constituency of St. James Central, in the 2018 General Elections.

    George is currently the Chairman and Managing Director of the Pearson’s Group; which has operated retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical distribution across the island since 1974. He has spent his working life honing his skills and specialisations throughout the Caribbean and Central America. His areas of expertise include the solving of complex business problems and working to deliver results and achieve goals on time and on budget. He has had many successes over time and has the distinction of being the only Caribbean national to receive Xerox Distributor of the Year.

    George is passionate about making the lives of persons better by using his gifts, talents and capabilities. He endeavours to play a part in improving the lives of each person who lives, works and plays in this constituency. His aim is to compile the suggestions of residents, learn from their experiences, and together, with the community, forge ahead with the building of real world solutions to these issues.

    This holder an MBA in International Business has already familiarized himself with the various challenges faced by this constituency. It is through the experience he has gained and the contacts made while pursuing his studies in this area that he intends to bridge the deltas that currently exist to ensure that talent is mixed with opportunity.

    Most importantly, he believes that with the support of the constituents, St James Central can become a model constituency and a community of which we can ALL proudly say, “this is our home”.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    The Right Honourable Freundel Stuart Q.C. has continued to poise himself as a shrewd and astute leader. He has stood against all obstacles and has unremittingly led this country in a firm and resolute manner. His leadership is characterised by making the decisions that would guarantee that Barbados remains on the pathway to progress and this has led to him overseeing the development, evolution and enrichment of this country on several fronts. Freundel stands firmly by a vision to see Barbadians obtain the best that is available in all spheres of life.

    As a man of humble beginnings, Freundel has been the perfect example of perseverance and determination. Even though he has been elevated to the office of Prime Minister, he remains in touch with the everyday needs of the each and every citizen in this island and the improvement of their existence remains high on his list of priorities.

    Born and raised in the rural parish of St. Philip, Freundel credits his late mother with instilling the core values that have guided and sustained him since childhood, even after the death of his father at the tender age of nine (9).  He received his secondary education at Foundation Boys’ School, now the Christ Church Foundation School, where he came under the influence of his mentor, headmaster Lee Harford Skeete.

    On graduating from secondary school, Freundel taught at the Princess Margaret Secondary School and embarked on a series of studies that earned him a B.A. (Hons) degree, the LL.B. (Hons) degree, the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree, all from the University of the West Indies; and the Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School. He was called to the Barbados Bar in 1984.

    His interest in politics was piqued from the early 1960’s when the social landscape of Barbados was being transformed by the people-centred philosophy, policies and programmes of the DLP. Since then he has been a stalwart of the DLP and has functioned in various capacities, including that of President.

    He successfully entered elective politics in 1994, in the St. Philip South constituency and remained in Parliament until 1999, when he lost that seat. He served in the Upper House from 2003 to 2007. He returned to the Lower House of Parliament after the 2008 general elections, which the DLP won.

    Since 2008, Mr. Stuart has been Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, and Deputy Prime Minister. He acted as Prime Minister from May 2010 when his predecessor, David Thompson, became ill. After Mr. Thompson’s untimely death on October 23, 2010, Mr. Stuart assumed the position of Barbados 7th Prime Minister.

    Tasked with leading our island in a time fraught with economic uncertainty, our Prime Minister has remained steadfast in his leadership and has eroded the obstacles with which we were faced. Under his leadership, our island has:

    • Remained world class in Tourism
    • Championed the rights of workers through the Employment Rights Act and the Employment Rights Tribunal
    • Revolutionised education through the expansion of sixth form and nursery school education
    • Introduced the Renewable Energy sector
    • Introduced legislation to protect the differently able
    • Introduced a National Youth Policy

    This is not an exhaustive list of the achievements of this leader. Under his tenure, he has sought to ensure that each section of our population has been touched in a positive manner. 

    As the DLP seeks a third term in office, Freundel continues to keep the welfare of the common man high on his priority list. He has silenced the naysayers as he continues to keep this island afloat with goals which state this island must remain socially balanced, economically viable and environmentally sound.

    Contact the Candidate
    Constituency Office (246) 435-8646


    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. George South


    Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo

    Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo is a proud Barbadian born. She was raised in St. George and for 21 years, she has been serving that constituency, starting in 1997 with the opening of her medical practice – the Ellerton Medical Centre.

    In January 2008 she was elected as Member of Parliament for St. George South and has a proven record of great representation.

    Some of her many achievements since 2008 include:

    • The total rehabilitation of the Ellerton Day Nursery, now the Geoffrey Morris Day Nursery
    • A new building at St. Luke’s Vocational Training Centre (which also serves as a community centre for Upper Brighton)
    • The Thelma Berry Day Nursery
    • The amalgamation of St. David’s and South District Primary Schools as the new Blackman and Gollop Primary School
    • A new pavilion, resource centre, playing field and play park at Greens
    • More than 100 affordable land or housing solutions at Greens, Todds and Brighton
    • A play park at Ellerton
    • Acquisition and/or approval for new sports facilities at Ellerton, Brighton, Todds and Workmans
    • Several major road projects including Boarded Hall roundabout, Farm Road, Byde Mill to Brighton and Windsor (Highway 4B) and Middleton Road
    • Mom-preneurship Project for single mothers to establish businesses
    • Supporting sports and other youth projects in several communities

    As Minister of Labour since 2010 she has piloted much legislation through Parliament, including the Employment Rights Act and the Employment Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Act, establishing a legacy as defender of workers’ rights and an advocate of safe, healthy, tolerant and supportive work environments.

    Dr. Esther has always been serving. She travelled to Africa as a medical missionary, taught Sunday School, led Cub Scouts, served as Vice President and General Secretary with the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) and lectured at the Barbados Community College. She has served as patron for youth and women’s organizations, as she is committed to Empowering Barbadians for Success.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Thomas


    Rolerick Hinds

    Dr Rolerick Hinds is a medical doctor who has practised exclusively in the public health system for the past 18 years. He has served at various polyclinics across the island and is currently stationed at Eunice Gibson Polyclinic at Warrens for the past 13 years. He also serves at the out-patient’s clinic at Rock Hall St. Thomas and has been the medical officer for the Gordon Cummins District Hospital.

    Dr. Hinds’ greatest passion and commitment are to see the parish of St Thomas realize its optimal social and economic potential in the national context. In recent years Dr. Hinds has focused a great deal of his extracurricular attention on the youth, especially those deemed to be ‘at risk’, using sport as a mechanism to bring them back into the mainstream of community life.

    He is currently a member of the Board of Management of the Table Tennis Association. He is also a member of the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association. In addition, he takes great pride volunteering his professional services to the Premier League football team ‘Porey Spring’, of which he is also a member.

    In his capacity as a community practitioner, Dr. Hinds has mentored several individuals in the constituency. His wise counsel has caused many young people to reconsider their lifestyle choices and return to mainstream living; many look up to him as a role model in the community. His civic activities also include giving lectures on public health issues to community groups.

    Dr. Hinds is married to Donna and they are the parents of 4 girls and one boy. His hobbies include listening to music, wood work and swimming. He also has a keen interest in environmental matters.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    Moving easily and comfortably among his constituents Dr. David Estwick has been steady in realising his vision for the St. Philip West constituency.

    In keeping with the party’s people-centred mandate, this medical doctor has never wavered in his representation. He has been generous and discreet, providing help for those who need it most, without fanfare but always with fervour.

    For over a decade, he has consistently sought to provide employment opportunities to empower residents. He has moved the jobless to self-employment through mentorship, training and grants. He has also set up a private foundation to pool human and financial resources in his constituency to promote development through community outreach activities.

    Knowing the health, social and economic benefits of sports, David has sponsored several football clubs in his constituency including the Brereton Braves, Villa United and Fairview Ballers. He facilitates dominoes teams and other community groups and has created similar opportunities for those interested in music and entertainment.

    Within the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management, David has made several improvements and introduced many initiatives. These include

    • Intensifying research and development to modernize agriculture
    • Restructuring the industry by placing focus on bi-products like ethanol.
    • Introducing initiatives such as the Cassava Feed Project and the Ethanol Project in collaboration with West Indies Rum Distilleries Ltd.
    • Launching the National Tractor Cultivation Project to modernize the agriculture sector.
    • Launching the National Farmer’s Incentive Programme.
    • Carrying out work on the reverse osmosis plant to ensure that Barbados’ potable water supply is in keeping with the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO)
    • Establishing the National Cassava Value Chain Programme in mid-2015 to establish a sustainable cassava bakery industry in Barbados.

    This industrious MP is seeking a third term to continue the good work that he has started of empowering those within his constituency and improving the lot of the people of Barbados.


    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. James South


    Donville Inniss

    Donville Inniss has risen from humble beginnings to become a successful business man and a dynamic leader in Barbados. At the local, national and regional levels he has demonstrated an energetic and proactive approach to challenges.  However, Donville remains a humble, down to earth community man, who always puts Barbados first.

    Donville is a graduate of St. Catherine’s Primary School, Harrison College, The Barbados Community College and the University of the West Indies. For several years he has worked as an entrepreneur who owned a management company specializing in International Business. He has also been an investor in several real-estate projects and small businesses. He is, therefore, at the cutting edge of the campaign to spread the entrepreneurial culture among this and the next generation of Barbadians.

    He has served as a Cabinet Minister since 2008 in the portfolios of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Health and Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development. He has brought modern management techniques to his work at both the constituency and national levels. These skills have helped to modernize the public healthcare system, Commerce, Small Business and International Business sectors in Barbados.

    Mr. Inniss knows that the quality of life and the wealth of a nation are both dependent on strong and decisive leadership and a passion to serve. He has the energy, skills and commitment to help move St. James South and Barbados to a higher level and can achieve these goals with your on-going support.

    Contact Donville
    Constituency Office (246) 425.1679 or 836.1583

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Joseph


    Dennis Holder

    Dennis DeCourcey Holder is a proud resident of St. Joseph.  He has lived in the constituency of St. Joseph all of his life and, through his knowledge of this constituency, he aims to empower, develop and uplift this constituency.

    Dennis Holder’s work in education spans some 33 years. He has actively assisted with the Community Development Technology Program since its inception in 2002. During this period, he has enabled several residents to develop their computer skills and thus become more computer literate.  He has also assisted several primary and secondary school children in their preparation for the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination (BSSEE) and the Caribbean Examination Council Exams (CXC) respectively.

    Dennis, who serves as an evangelist within his community, has also been involved in the formation and rejuvenation of many community associations throughout his constituency.  Some of which are: The St. Elizabeth Youth Group, Rangers Football Club, Bathsheba Bucks Basketball Group, West View 4-H Club, The Parish Independence Committee (PIC) and the St. Joseph Football Team.

    As the candidate, he intends to bring honour and glory to the constituency of St. Joseph through positive and effective representation, while at the same time upholding the integrity of the DLP.

    Dennis’ aim is to empower the individuals in the constituency to use the available resources to be self-sufficient rather than dependent.

    Some of the plans for the constituency include, but are not limited to

    • Road repairs and improvement
    • Installation of additional streetlights
    • Upgrading sporting facilities in the constituency
    • Rejuvenation of youth groups throughout the constituency
    • Facilitating a month-end Market Day at various venues throughout the constituency to provide a market for constituents to ply their produce, art, craft, etc.

    Having lived in this constituency all of his life, he brings to this campaign a wealth of knowledge relevant to the needs, requests and desires necessary to uplift the constituency.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    Christ Church East


    Denis Lowe

    Dr. Denis S. Lowe is an outstanding Barbadian who has dedicated his life to serving his country. He spent 16 years in the USA where he completed his college and university education. The son of humble beginnings, Denis was taught the virtues of hard work at a very early age and continues to struggle for what he believes.

    Denis’ life journey is a remarkable one which merits the admiration of many.  Over the years he has demonstrated outstanding intellectual capability as is evidenced in the B.A. degree from God’s Bible College and his Masters and Doctorate degrees from the University of Cincinnati.

    Dr. Lowe has taught at two major Universities in the USA, has been an executive and practitioner in the healthcare, human development and training fields, and has delivered hundreds of lectures and motivational speeches in the USA, Barbados and many of the Caribbean countries.  He is known for his ability to reach people where they are with a message of hope and personal resilience.

    As Minister of Environment and Drainage, Denis has pioneered initiatives such as the Smart Energy Fund, the passing of the Coastal Zone Management Act and the Marine Pollution Prevention Act along with several flood relief projects across the island.

    Some of his achievements within his constituency include sponsoring lessons for primary aged students, improving the housing lot, and creating play parks and open spaces within the constituency.

    Denis is a man of faith who believes in bringing people together around a shared cause.  He has a deep sense of duty and a vision of a brighter tomorrow for all.  He is truly committed to fighting for the advancement of all Barbadians especially those of the constituency of Christ Church East, who he is seeking to continue to represent in the House of Parliament.  He believes that VALUES TRULY MATTER and that honesty, integrity and truth must always be at the heart of national leadership.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Lucy


    Denis St. Elmo Kellman

    The Honourable Denis St. Elmo Kellman has been the parliamentary representative for the constituency of St. Lucy since 1994 and has never wavered in his tenacity and desire to champion the cause of the common man, especially those within his constituency.

    During his years as MP, he has fought for the advancement of St. Lucy as an area of growth and development and argued convincingly that the promotion of community tourism was critical to the improvement of the country’s tourism product. As a consequence, community tourism has become a policy of the Government.

    In 2013, Denis was appointed as Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development. As Minister he has successfully completed several housing projects, led delegations to Habitat III and was instrumental in securing the designation of the Caribbean as a Sub-region, from its previous classification with Latin America.

    Apart from the house spots programme that Denis has established or is in the process of establishing at Colleton, Cluffs, Coconut Hall and Lowlands, he has championed several constituency improvement projects which include:

    • The Desalination Plant and Hotel Project at Harrison Point
    • Community Tourism Projects at Little Bay, Stroud Bay, Archers Bay, Lamberts Hill and Checker Hall
    • The Fire Station and Educational Complex at Nestfield
    • The Agricultural College Project at the Hope


    Denis’ support for alternative and renewable energy has seen the establishment, by the Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd, of the largest solar farm in the Barbados at Trents in his constituency.

    Denis has also been able to take sports in St. Lucy, particularly cricket and football, to higher levels through his cricket competitions and his sponsorship of the Youth Milan Football Club, North Stars, Lord’s and Rockfield Cricket Clubs.

    Denis has been happily married to Paulevette for 29 years and is the proud father of two sons, Paul and Russell.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Peter


    Dave Cumberbatch

    Passionate, committed and enthusiastic. These words embody Dave Cumberbatch the Democratic Labour Party’s candidate for the constituency of St. Peter. “Chief”, as he is affectionately known throughout St. Peter, is a practising Attorney-at-Law specialising in the areas of Family, Land and Criminal Law.

    Dave has always been community oriented. As a former police officer, he was attached to the Community Policing Department in both Barbados and the Cayman Islands. He is fervent in his work with the youth as he believes that every opportunity must be explored to mould and influence their lives positively. He has facilitated this process through his work with the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Programme.

    Dave’s success is not limited to his work as an attorney-at-law or in law enforcement. An avid sportsman, he represented the Barbados Senior team and the West Indies youth team in cricket. He has the distinction of being the most successful Barbados youth team captain.

    This devout Seventh-Day Adventist is committed to the development of St Peter. He plans to leverage all resources at his disposal to provide opportunities for the youth, the elderly, special interest groups, NGOs and businesses in the parish. His desire is to contribute to the creation of a prosperous and safe environment for all residents and visitors.

    He believes that there is a solution to every problem. He is of the view that if we take the time to listen and connect with everyone whether young, middle-aged or senior, all of life’s challenges can be conquered.

    It is this passion to assist people at all levels that has driven Dave to offer himself as a candidate for St Peter so as to provide representation at a higher level.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Michael North West


    Christopher Sinckler


    Christopher Sinckler has served as the Minister of Finance for the past 8 years and has guided Barbados through the most challenging period in our nation’s economic history. This role has required him making some tough decisions to manage Barbados’ debt and structural deficits which were built up over decades and across administrations. His role as the lead on government economic policy has focused on stabilizing our economy, maintaining jobs, and protecting the social fabric of the country including its households, communities, and businesses.

    Chris has benefitted immensely from a solid home-grown education having graduated from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus with a Master of Science Degree in International Trade Policy and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science.

    His knowledge and experience across a range of disciplines ranging from finance and economic development to international trade policy and social care has been recognised across the Caribbean and beyond. In this regard, he is a former Executive Coordinator of a widely respected regional Non-Governmental Development Organisation, Chairman of the internationally recognized NGO Working Group on the World Bank, as well as serving as a minister of government in the areas of foreign affairs, social care, finance and economic affairs.

    Over the past decade Chris and his team have been able to deliver a number of services for his constituents of which we are extremely proud:

    • Over 17 roads fixed;
    • Over 2000 food hampers provided to deserving families;
    • Over 150 scholarships provided under the Lawson Weekes Scholarship programme;
    • Developed the Annual Battle of the West St. Michael Primary Schools Competition (4 years running);
    • Improved sporting and recreational facilities in the community;
    • Initiated massive environmental clean-up activities in the constituency;
    • Sponsored several sporting and community based activities and clubs;
    • Sponsored the annual St. Michael North West Back to School Assistance Programme for deserving families.

    Chris’ work in St. Michael North West is not finished. With your continued strong support and involvement, he looks forward to the opportunity for continued service to the good people of this St. Michael community, in 2018 and beyond.

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6

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    St. Philip South


    Adriel Brathwaite

    Adriel Brathwaite is another example of a Barbadian who has risen from humble beginnings to the heights of success.  However, unlike many, Adriel has never lost the common touch, and has remained loyal to his roots, country and people. Adriel is a true St. Philip son, with the fierce loyalty, cooperative spirit, and commitment to giving something back to the community that this parish inspires.

    Adriel is from Marchfield, St. Philip.  Like most of his peers, he knows poverty first hand. He has memories of his mother not having enough money for food, uniforms, shoes and school books. Despite this, he secured a place at Harrison College, then studied Law at the University of the West Indies and entered the legal profession, specializing in Corporate Law.

    In 2008 Adriel started and still conducts a weekly reading programme at his constituency office. Every year, just before the start of the new school term Adriel distributes back-to-school supplies to students of all ages. He also makes donations to each school in the constituency. Adriel, via the St. Philip South Foundation for Education (SPSFE), has given scholarships to several young people in the district to assist with preparing for CXC and for higher education and training in a variety of disciplines. The Foundation also manages a breakfast programme for over 30 students at St Martin’s Mangrove.

    Adriel is also fully involved in a variety of sporting and community organizations such as the Long Bay United Football Team, the Government Industrial School Cricket Club, the Penny-Gems Cultural Club from Gemswick, Blue Birds Club, and the Lions Club.

    As Attorney-General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel has improved and modernized the accommodation for police officers with new police stations at and a renovated male barracks.

    Like the Party he proudly represents, he envisions Barbados holding on to its tried and tested core values as it builds a just society, with a vibrant and sustainable economy. He looks forward to your continued support to accomplish this.

    Contact the Candidate
    Constituency Office (246) 423-2281

    Contact Information

    House of Commons
    Ottawa (ON) K1A 0A6