Hon. Stephen Lashley



The Hon. Stephen A. Lashley has devoted his life to being of service to others.  From his humble beginnings in St. John where he was born and raised, Mr Lashley has been actively involved in all aspects of community life.

As Parliamentary Representative for Christ Church West Central, he has focussed on a number of initiatives for the upliftment of the community, including:

  • A new children’s play park in Gall Hill;
  • The completion of road works at Silver Hill, Cane Vale, Silver Hill, Barracks Hill and Church Hill;
  • With the assistance of the RDC and UDC, several houses were provided to constituents whose living conditions had deteriorated significantly.

Since having been assigned as Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth in 2010, Mr Lashley has been working assiduously to transform the four components of this very important portfolio.  His list of achievements include:

  •   The refurbishment of Ellerton Day Nursery, Roseneath, Ixora and Lilly Cot Residential     Centres through funding from the Barbados Children’s Trust;
  •  “Endless Possibilities”, a job attachment and mentorship programme for unattached youth;
  • The unprecedented expansion of Crop Over into “The Biggest Sweetest Summer Festival Ever”
  • Completion of the first full report since 1995 on the implementation of the Convention of the Rights of the Child;
  • The establishment of a fund for mothers whose child maintenance payments have been delayed;
  • Addressing domestic violence through the establishment of the Partnership for Peace Programme, in collaboration with the Courts;
  • Repairs to the Farm, Joan Arundell, John Beckles, and Grazettes Day Nurseries, and Sterling Children’s Home
  • The construction of purpose-built facilities for children with disabilities and a children’s village at the Nightingale Complex;
  • The refurbishment of the Farrs Children’s Home through funding provided by the Maria Holder Memorial Trust;
  • The establishment of a National Task Force for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons;
  • The implementation of Community Outreach programmes on Gender, HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence in collaboration with churches, schools and community groups;
  • Approval by Parliament of the National HIV/AIDS Policy and Strategic Plan for HIV Prevention and Control 2008-2013;
  • Convening of the first Religious Summit; and the first National Consultation on Societal Issues;
  • Achieving the prestigious UNESCO inscription of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a World Heritage site;
  • Major public consultations on the Cultural Industries Development Bill and the Preservation of Antiquities and Relics Bill;
  • The Commission for Pan African Affairs (CPAA) Mabalozi Programme to foster Afrocentric awareness and culture in schools;
  • The establishment of the first Reparations Task Force for Barbados in anticipation of the UN’s Decade for People of African Descent in 2013.
  • The restoration and extensive use of the Queen’s Park Steel Shed;
  • Completing the Strategic Plan for Sports, 2011-2016;
  • Replacing the athletic track at the National Stadium and upgrading the football field;
  • Upgrading of Briar Hall playing field, Christ Church, the Gall Hill Pavilion, St John; pavilions at Blenheim B and Chapel; and the hard court at Jessamy Avenue, Bay Land, and the installation of lights and construction of hard courts;
  • Completing the Pavilion and Resource Centre at Greens, St. George; and construction of pavilions at Bayley’s and St. Martin’s, St. Philip;
  • Upgrading of playing fields at Friendship, Hoyte’s Village, Parish Land, Bridgefield, Foundation School, Lester Vaughn School, Harrison College and Coleridge & Parry School;
  • Introducing the Inter-Parish Community Road Tennis competition, and successful promotion of Road Tennis in Venezuela
  • The launching of the National Youth Forum as a platform for hearing the views of young people and a means of motivating and empowering them to seek innovative solutions to their problems;
  • The formulation and piloting of the National Youth Policy through Parliament to become a publicly approved framework for the development of all Barbadian youth;
  • “Endless Possibilities”, a job attachment and mentorship programme for youths;
  • Expansion of the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) to spread the entrepreneurial culture; and
  • The enhancement of the Youth Mainstreaming Programme to create more training opportunities for young people.

It is beyond doubt that these and the many other spectacular achievements on both local and national platforms, driven by patriotic zeal, are part of a mission to create a better Barbados.  This outstanding work by an exceptional leader is work in progress. Let’s give Stephen Lashley the opportunity to continue this great work!

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