Find Your Registration Centre

Are you a first time voter?  Were you unable to find your registration in a search of registered voters?  Representatives of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission will be available at the location below, the dates and times of availability are listed at the end of table of locations.




City of Bridgetown
Ms. Gloria Medford
Westbury Primary School
St. Michael South
Mr. Egaton Thompson
Bay Primary School
St. Michael East
Mr. Michael Ford
St. Giles Primary School
St. Michael South Central
Ms. LindaPhillips-Wiseman
Old Carrrington’s Primary School
St. Michael Central
Mr. Everton Henry
Nazarene Church Hall,Bank Hall
St. Michael South East
Mr. Corey Archer
Parkinson Secondary School
St. Michael North East
Ms. GwendolineBridgeman-Bushell
Eunice Gibson Polyclinic,Warrens
St. Michael North
Mr. Roger Batson
Eden Lodge Primary School
St Michael North West
Mr. Charles Haynes
St. Stephens’s  Nursery School
St. Michael West
 Ms. Nicholle Marshall
 St. Leonard’s Boys School
 St. Michael West Central
 Mr. Leonard Walters
 Lawerence T. Gay Memorial School
 Christ Church West
 Mr. Wayne Taylor
 Arthur Smith Primary School
 Christ Church West Central
 Mr. Rupert Greaves
 Vauxhall Primary School
 Christ Church South
 Mr. Kenneth Hall
 St. Lawrence Primary School
 Christ Church East Central
 Mr. Michael Sealey
 Christ Church Girls’ School
 Christ Church East
 Mr. Hallam Archer
 St. ChristopherPrimary School
 St. Phillip North
 Mr. Henson Alleyne
 Hilda Skeene Primary School
 St. Phillip South
 Ms. Yvonne Babb
 Reynold Weekes Primary School
 St. Phillips West
 Ms. Pauline Morgan
 St. Patrick’s Church Hall
 St. George North
 Mr. Winston Estwick
 Cuthbert Moore Primary School
 St. George South
 Mr. Eric Thorpe
 Ellerton Primary School
 St. John
 Mr. Richard Harris
 St. John’s Primary School
 St. Joseph
 Mr. Charles Bostic
 St. Bernard’s Primary School
 St. Thomas
 Mr. Halcourt Bovell
 Holy Innocents Primary School
 St. James North
 Mr. Anthony Greaves
 Gordon Greenidge Primary School
 St. James South
 Mrs. Barbara Bovell
 Western Light Nazarene Church, Oxnards
 St. James Central
 Mr.s Allison Holland
 Land Tax Department, Holetown
 St. Peter
 Mr. Roger Small
 Roland Edwards Primary School
 St. Andrew
 Mr. Nolan Hall
 A. DaCosate Edwards Primary School
 St. Lucy
 Mrs. Lea Collins
 Daryll Jordan Secondary School

The above centres will be opened to the public from Friday, February 1, 2013 until Wednesday, February 6, 2013 between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  with the exception of Sunday February 3, 2013for receiving claims and February 8, 2013 for receiving objections.