Opening remarks given by the General Secretary, George A. Pilgrim at the FACTs Conference 2, on Sunday 9th April, 2017

Opening remarks given by the General Secretary, George A. Pilgrim at the FACTs Conference 2, on Sunday 9th April, 2017, George Lamming Primary School, Flint Hall, St. Michael.

The Facts campaign is about the DLP defending the truths of this country. We have launched our FACTs Cards, both hard copy and e-version. We held our first FACTs conference, we then moved into another dimension with our Facts mission and today we are back with Facts Conference 2.

The online smear campaign that can only damage the brand Barbados as authored by the opposition sits in stark contrast to what the facts are. Our country has much to be proud of and therefore the idea of Flooding All Constituencies with Truths also known as FACTs is appropriate under the circumstances.

Despite all the doomsday preachers, this is still our Barbados and we continue to rank high in the data our brand is still in the top rankings.

This country according to the World Economic Forum was ranked 9th in the world, the 11 best school systems in the world. UNDP’s ranking of our country is yet another testimony.

Most recent was Clinic Compare out of UK, the UK’s leading clinic website ranked our health care 7th in the world. I don’t lay claim at the feet of the DLP, but this is a ranking about the brand Barbados.

People don’t look into a magazine or an investor asks which party in office before making his /her way to Barbados. However what is dangerous is a fabricated notion that Barbados is broken, I don’t believe life is all smooth sailing.

In response the opposition presents a three point policy plan which will suddenly make more tourists come or increase investment. 1.Call 2.Elections 3.Now.

The noise kept in this country will certainly capture the attention of international agencies and investors as it should.

You mean if you pass a house in your district and every day you hear nothing but quarreling. You would draw a conclusion one way or the other.
There you go I believe as a party we have duty to tell Barbadians the Facts. It is against that background we are here today and will continue this journey. FACTs Conference.

This is no cuss fess. These conferences reflect the hard work of a government with much less but doing much more It is not a branch meeting it is not a joint meeting. No minutes are taken here at these conferences. This conference activity is focused on ensuring history which will be our principle audience has the record of this DLP government in an honest context.