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Prime Minister Stuart on NUPW strike action


PM SAYS A NEW RESPONSE IS NEEDED TO WHAT HE CALLS ” NEW TRADE UNIONISM”Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is questioning the union’s position on escalating industrial industrial action even though the matter has been referred to the courts.Mr. Stuart has explained that the application before the court is not a regular application.Mr. Stuart says what is more concerning is that the bidc has made certain reasonable committments. These include paying all entitlements if the courts determine the retirement exercise has been wrongful.Also to pay the retirees up until September and suspending the retirement orders.He added that the corporation is also willing to pay the workers up until December if need be.According to the prime minister the union is not allowing for the established processes to be completed.The Prime Minister also hinted that there are certain powers and procedures of parliament available to the government under Section 48 of the constitution.These speak to parliament making laws for peace, order and good governance of Barbados.

Posted by CBC News Barbados on Monday, 13 July 2015