Sen. Verla De Peiza



Senator Verla A. De Peiza is yet another well-qualified recruit to the Democratic Labour Party Team destined to take Barbados closer to the popular vision of a united, prosperous and just society.

Verla was educated at Harrison College and was a 1991 Barbados Exhibition Awardee. She completed her tertiary education at the University of Southampton where she gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Politics and Law with Upper Second Class honours. Further education was undertaken at the Queen Mary College of the University of London where she achieved a Merit in the Master of Laws degree specialising in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Although she does not practise in the field, she is a trained criminologist.

Ms. De Peiza qualified to practise Law in England and Wales in 1996. However, she chose instead to return to Barbados. She was called to the local Bar in 2000 and joined the Charlton Chambers, Whitepark Road, St. Michael where she remains in practice to this day.

Ms. De Peiza was attracted to the philosophy, policies and programmes of the Democratic Labour Party from an early age. Even while studying in England she maintained close ties with DLP-UK. On returning to Barbados she formally joined the Democratic Labour Party and began her tireless service to the people of Barbados.

As a Young Democrat, Ms. De Peiza held various posts and is a former President of that body. She has held every post save Chairman of her hometown branch, St. James North. In addition, Ms. De Peiza is a past Assistant General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party and a perennial representative on both the Executive and General Councils. Most recently, Ms. De Peiza was appointed a Government Senator.

This mother of two has always found time to participate in political campaigns. She was active during the 1994, 1999, 2003 and 2008 general elections, as well as by-elections in St. Michael North West and more recently, in St. John. In the last general election she was nominated as one of the campaign managers for the Democratic Labour Party.

Ms. De Peiza is well known and highly respected throughout Barbados for her regular, informative presentations on legal matters as guest of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. She also is the District Co-ordinator of the AFN Grouping of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. She has become a popular figure throughout the Christ Church West constituency. She is a strong supporter of the Clapham Community Club and in turn enjoys its support in her campaign to secure the Christ Church West riding.

Ms. De Peiza is concerned about the level of representation that Christ Church West has endured in recent times. As a result of absenteeism, the road infrastructure of the constituency has been neglected, while sporting and recreational facilities are scarce and in some instances, derelict. No programmes have been developed recently to help the people. The “absentee landlord” phenomenon ended in Barbados in the 1840’s and should never be allowed to take root here again.

Ms. De Peiza is able, willing and ready to use her knowledge and skills to serve the people of Christ Church West and Barbados at the highest level.

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