Sen. Jepter Ince



Senator Jepter Ince is a bold, competent and energizing campaigner for the sustainable development of the Barbadian economy and society. He brings to the Democratic Labour Party Team considerable experience as a Project Coordinator, Investment Manager, Entrepreneur, Political Activist and Community Leader.

Jepter Ince is an outstanding and loyal product of St. George where he spent his early days; and St. Philip, where he grew up and attended school. From an early age he showed an abiding interest in politics as an agent of change and made his maiden political speech when still in his teens.

 After graduating from the Barbados Community College, he pursued higher education in the USA. With a Diploma in Management, a BBA in Insurance and Risk Management, and an MBA in Finance, he undertook professional training with international financial organizations such as American International Group, The Securities Training Corporation, American Financial Services, CitiCorp, New York Institute of Finance, ScotiaMcLeod of Canada, and the Euro-Money Corporation. He rose to become a Wall Street Investment Banker and a political activist for equal opportunity in communities in New York City.

On returning to Barbados he applied and augmented this expertise with the National Insurance Board, Barbados Small Business Association and CLICO Holdings Barbados Limited. In 2007 he resigned from CLICO and started his own business, Bristol Cove Asset Management Inc. He has also served as Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, and is currently Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and Chairman of the Barbados Medium Term Development Strategy Committee.

As the candidate for St. George North, he brings to the table enlightened, professional leadership based on the experience of working 18 years in the public sector, 12 years in the private sector and over 30 years of political activism. He has a well thought out strategy for the development of St. George North and Barbados, that departs from nepotism and under-the-counter deals, and embraces fair and transparent management practices.

His vision for the constituency is that of a safe, pleasant and prosperous community in which the technical and academic skills of all categories of residents are put to good use in developing the social, economic, environmental and cultural resources through Education, Agriculture, Sports and the Arts.  He has already carried out a needs analysis and started a data base of the available resources of the area. Through this scientific approach to development he has identified the most pressing issues facing the constituency as unemployment, housing repairs, sporting activities and facilities, drainage and water supply.

Since announcing his desire to become the Parliamentary Representative for St. George North, he has drawn up plans and began engaging residents notably through:

  • Creating a modern resource centre within the constituency office.
  • Working closely with the Constituency Councils to empower communities in St. George North.
  • Spreading the entrepreneurial culture to potential business persons throughout the constituency.
  • Assisting constituents through the Freehold Land and Tenantry Act.
  • Identifying non-agricultural land for Government housing solutions.
  • Home improvement programmes for the elderly and less privileged.
  • Assisting with mortgage planning.
  • Sponsorship of St. George Primary School Sports Day, the Cuthbert Moore Primary School Extravaganza and the St. George Parish Ambassadors.
  • Organizing family days and outings in various communities.
  • Sport activities such as kite-flying competitions, 20/20 cricket, football and netball tournaments.
  • Resurfacing of the Sweet Vale Playing Field.
  • Construction of a bridge to link Roach Village and Belair.

Senator Jepter Ince is convinced that the people of St. George North deserve better representation. He eagerly awaits their call to duty.

Contact the Candidate
Constituency Office (246) 271-1866