Ms. Patricia Inniss



During the last five years, Ms. Patricia Inniss, has devoted her time and energy to serving the people of St. Michael North East. She brings to the table a commitment to the fundamental principles of the Democratic Labour Party, a love of people and a belief in the capacity of education to transform individuals.

Patricia Inniss believes that the development of a nation cannot be left to market forces. Since Barbados is a unique society with residues of injustice, ordinary people look to Government to intervene on behalf of the disadvantaged. She considers such intervention as one of the cornerstones of the culture of the Democratic Labour Party, essential to the creation of a more prosperous and just Barbados.

 Patricia has spent most of her life in the field of education.  This graduate of Combermere School and the University of the West Indies now works as a part-time Lecturer in Biochemistry and the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, specializing in research. She believes that every child is differently gifted, hence she was the founder of the group “ORCHID” (Our Children Have Individual Differences), the primary aim of which is to help children realize their potential through relevant education and training.

 She has applied the same rigorous, research methods of the University to her work in the constituency. As a result, she has found that the most pressing issues for them are deteriorating roads, inadequate housing, unemployment and underemployment, and the resort to lawlessness and hopelessness among the youth.

 Having ascertained the needs of her constituents, she has begun to respond positively to them. With the support of a dedicated team and with limited resources, she has worked diligently to address the issues which residents in St. Michael North East have brought to her attention. For example, she has been instrumental in getting the following things done:

 Road repairs at Spooners Hill and Sundown Drive off Skeete’s Road;

  • Widening of the dangerous junction at Bush Hall Yard Gap road;
  • Paving at 1st Ave Jackson;
  • Building a round-a-bout at Jackson;
  • Repairing and building houses in Cave Hill, Storey Gap and Lewis Gap, through the Urban and Rural Development Commissions.

She has also been active in spreading the entrepreneurial culture among the best educated generation of youth in the history of Barbados. She has never wavered in her support for the sporting and cultural activities of young people in the constituency. In return she encourages them to give something back to their communities by offering assistance to those less fortunate than themselves.

In the middle of 2012 she hosted the first Seniors Recognition Luncheon, acknowledging the contributions the elderly have made to the development of communities within the constituency. For over three months in 2011 she also hosted a major social event in the form of a Karaoke Competition, the benefits of which are still being felt in the constituency. The small shops, where the events were staged, have recorded increased business and community spirit has been enhanced.

Patricia also knows that the change she wants to see in the constituency is not possible without spiritual intervention. Last October she brought together church leaders from over ten congregations to host a series of restoration services. These powerful and inspiring services have and will continue to be organized to correct the social ills in this urban corridor through prayer and fellowship.

This competent and caring mother of one daughter stands ready and willing to help create a Better Barbados through enlightened political leadership.

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Constituency Office (246) 424-6213