Hon. John Boyce



In January, 2008, John Boyce was elected as Member of Parliament for Christ Church South and accepted the challenge of working with his constituency to build on areas of major neglect and greatest potential. He was appointed Minister of Transport and Works and a short 18 months later, Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly.

In retrospect, serving the people of Christ Church South has been the most humbling and satisfying five years of John Boyce’s life. By keeping his constituency office in Goodland opened every Wednesday for the past five (5) years and offering confidential consultation sessions with constituents, and visiting communities, John Boyce got to know even better the challenges they faced and responded vigorously to their needs. With a dedicated team around him, he has made considerable progress, and even in challenging times he has been able to:

  • Find jobs for several members of his constituency;
  • Help them with home improvements;
  • Pave and rebuild some of the heavily traversed road networks like Enterprise and Carters Gap;
  • Build new sidewalks and install more street lights;
  • Correct drainage and roadways notably in Waverley Road and Goodland Gardens;
  • Get the National Petroleum Corporation to pipe natural gas to Maxwell;
  • Rename the Oistins Fish Market after Ms. Berinda Cox in recognition of the contribution of fisherfolk to the community and the national economy;
  • Improve the facilities and expand the experience of the Oistins Fish Festival;
  • Sponsor sporting facilities all over the constituency;
  • Host an ongoing breakfast programme at the St. Lawrence Primary School.

His efforts have included the smooth transitioning of the Oistins Bay Garden into an entrepreneural, Zagat rated tourism feature attraction.  This historic town is now poised to be the second UNESCO acredited heritage site in Barbados.

As Leader of Government’s Business in the House of Assembly, he has skillfully managed the legislative programme of the Democratic Labour Party during its first term in office.

At the national level, he toils tirelessly as Minister of Transport and Works to extend and upgrade the physical road infrastructure of Barbados.

  • He has pioneered the installation and usage of photovoltaic cells on the roof of the Ministry Headquarters Building at the Pine, and a Wind Turbine at the Chance Hall Depot in St. Lucy, as an example of saving money and transitioning to renewable energy.
  • He ensured the smooth introduction of free travel on public buses for about 10,000 students starting in September of 2008, with countless, obvious benefits to parents, children and their teachers.
  • The introduction of smart cards instead of cash on Transport Board buses.
  • His Ministry has completed the widening of the ABC Highway from two lanes to four between D’Arcy Scott Roundabout, and the Garfield Sobers Roundabout with considerable savings once the Contractors appointed by the Barbados Labour Party in 2006 were dismissed.
  • Instead of spending large amounts of money on flyovers, which Consultants advised would not solve traffic congestion, Minister Boyce and his team sought low cost solutions to bottlenecks in areas like Green Hill, Jackson, Waterford, and Rendezvous.
  • The Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project which has been implemented to ease gridlock in the rapidly expanding Warrens area is estimated to cost $43.5 million and includes the construction of roundabouts at Lodge Road, Bagatelle, Automotive Art, One Accord Plaza in Jackson, Pricemart and Manor Lodge. Even before its completion in 2015 there are smooth traffic flows at Jackson and the Inner Warrens Town Centre.
  • Roundabouts have also been constructed at previously dangerous locations such as Coral Ridge, Boarded Hall, Lancaster and Speightstown.
  • Designs for more roundabouts at other critical junctions like Turnpike, Groves, Waterford and Prince Road (Collymore Rock) are completed.
  • Design work has been commissioned to extend our highway from Redmans Village to the St. Lucy Parish Church.
  • Consultation and design work have also started on major bridge and road repairs in the entire Scotland District.

In keeping with the requirements of the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy (2010-2014) the Minister has charged the Transport Board to find innovative ways to move the organization from its annual deficit towards profitability. Immediate activities to increase cash flow include:

  • Providing charters for cruise lines from the airport to the sea port, as well as park-and- ride initiatives elsewhere.
  • Servicing its own vehicles in-house.
  • Purchasing a new fleet of buses with serious consideration being given to equipment that will be powered from renewable energy sources.
  • Increasing the productivity of all workers without downsizing.

With your support, John Boyce looks forward to continuing his work of improving our country’s infrastructure.

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