Our Core Values

These Core Values will form the bedrock for our governance of society and will inform our policies and programmes.

  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Economic Justice for all
  • Social Justice for all
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Integrity in Public Life
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Respect for the rights of the individual to self-determination

The objects of the Democratic Labour Party are:

(I) To adhere to, support, develop and implement in all ways possible the Philosophy and Principles of the Democratic Labour Party.

(ii) To mobilize and enroll into the fold of the Democratic Labour Party progressive persons of any race, colour or creed who accept a democratic form of government and who recognize the focal role that labour and human resources generally must continue to play in the evolution of an improved social economic order in Barbados.

(iii) To secure the election of members of the Democratic Labour Party to the Parliament of Barbados, and to such other elected bodies within or outside of Barbados.

(iv) To nominate members to serve on such bodies as may be appropriate for furthering the philosophy, principles and interests of the Party.

(v) To work in close collaboration and coordination with persons and bodies sharing similar principles or objectives.

(vi) To propagate the Party’s philosophy, principles, programmes, policies and objects through a comprehensive scheme of public education aimed at raising the general level of political and social consciousness in the Party and the nation.

(vii) To support and promote the existence of a free and responsible Press, including radio and television services, as an important aspect of the giving and receiving of fact, opinion and comment in a democratic society.

(viii) To establish and maintain a Constituency Branch in each parliamentary constituency in Barbados.

(ix) To establish and maintain auxiliary groups, such as youth and women’s groups, as well as overseas groups and branches.

(x) To draw up, prepare and issue publications, including manifestos, articles and press releases in furtherance of the Party’s objects.

(xi) To establish or participate in such enterprises as may advance the principles and interests of the Party and its members.

(xii) To promote generally the well-being of its members.

(xiii) To take such other steps as may further the principles and interests of the Party.

(xiv) To mobilise the financial and human resources necessary to further the principles and interests of the Party.